Jag har en handikapp

video Info
  • Caroline Hansen is 30 years old and lives in Kristinehamn, Sweden. She has a handicap: down syndrome. In this short documentary you will have a look into the daily life of someone with down syndrome.

    produced by: Thomas van den Berk (elvn.nl)

    thanks to:
    Caroline Hansen
    Titti Hansen
    Hans Karlsson
    Sofie Hansen Karlsson
    Stefan Hansen Karlsson

    also thanks to:
    Svenska Downföreningen
    Irene Johansson

    Daniel Alegi @cinemahead

    Guitar composition by Ben Sharpe
    Guitar played by Oliver Sharpe
    ‘Supermarket’ by ‘Lift Music’
    ‘Your Girl’ by ‘Groove Addicts’
    ‘Indian Summer’ by ‘Position Music Library’
    ‘Get this jumpin’ by ‘Position Music Library’

    By Thomas Van Der Berk

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